Friday, November 21, 2008

Rice Sock Friends

May I introduce you to our very warm, very dear sock friends.


Kotik - from Rudyard Kipling's "White Seal"

Frankfurt - a Dachshund


Rice Socks have been our cherished companions for many years when we have had aches, pains, or cold hands. These friendly creatures are particularly good at soothing headaches.

We RSLs (Rice Sock Lovers), believe that no house should be without one of these fine creations. Thus, here are instructions for making your own Rice Sock.

You will need:
  • 1 White Cotton Sock (we prefer men's tube socks)
  • 4c. White Rice (the cheapest kind)
  • A Microwave (one may be able to warm Rice Socks in the oven, but I've never tried)

  1. Fill the sock with four cups rice or preferred weight/size/shape. To do this, some of us cut off a corner of the rice bag and insert inside the sock. Others use a funnel.
  2. When filled as wanted, hold by open end of sock and shake rice down. This will create a longer "neck" so as to make tying the knot at the end more easy.
  3. Tie knot at the end. The Basic Rice Sock is now made.

Now comes the fun part ~ Bring your Rice Sock to life as you please. Sew on old pieces of socks for ears, wings, flippers, and the like. Faces and features may either be embroidered with cotton thread or drawn on with a permanent marker.

Heat your rice sock for 2-4 minutes, depending on the intensity of warmth desired. It is usually best to remove your Rice Sock by the tail as its body may need to cool slightly before being held by bare hands.

Suggested Warmths for Various Uses:
  • On one's head for headache relief ~ 2 minutes
  • Use as a soothing companion ~ 2.5 minutes
  • On one's lap to warm hands at a piano, computer or while reading ~ 2-3 minutes
  • At one's feet @ night to warm a cold bed ~ 3, possibly 4 minutes

While the socks themselves may be used until unmendable, the rice should probably be changed one a month. At that time, one's Rice Sock will most likely appreciate a washing.

What will your rice sock look like?

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Kiri said...

What sweet little things! I love their faces! And their names are cute, too. :)

I'm highly amused by your feedjit, by the way. It tells me I'm from Chatham, VA. And while I was in Raleigh over the weekend, it thought I was in Dallas, TX...