Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh the Thrill of It!

Monday night it began to snow.
The temperature dropped and tiny snowflakes fell all night.
When the Careys awakened, the world was completely white.
Oh, the thrill of it!

Dad tried to drive to work.
The un-plowed, ice-covered, hairpin-curved country roads wouldn't let him.
His family had him to themselves - for the whole day.
Oh, the thrill of it!

Plans for playing in the snow were made.
Chores and school were to be completed first, and then the sledding would begin.
But the sun began to glow, the public schools were canceled, and a snow day was decided upon.
Oh, the thrill of it!

The search for the winter clothes commenced.
It seemed that these had not been stored for easy retrieval, and forty-five minutes of looking were needed to locate all that was needed.
Full winter garb was donned for the first time since having been stored in early spring.
Oh, the thrill of it!

Then the Careys marched outside.
The sleds were claimed, the fence was scaled, and the first human footprints on the cowfield's snow were made.
The quest for the perfect sledding hill was commenced.
Oh, the thrill of it!

The quest was more of a challenge than anticipated.
The field boasted hills, bumps, and rises of every sort and description, but there was always to much of one thing, or not enough of another.
Then Dad found Our Sledding Hill.
Oh, the thrill of it!

Then they began to sled.
Different combinations of Careys slid down on sleds, or fell off of sleds, and then rescaled the hill with sleds in tow.
For more than two hours the fun continued.
Oh, the thrill of it!

The time to return to the house came sooner than anticipated.
Some of the family were cold, some were tired, and others could have lived outside forever.
One last ride was organized.
Oh, the thrill of it!

The Careys left their snow pursuits.
They headed for the house and enjoyed an easy lunch, an old-time radio program on the Pilgrims, and cups of warming hot chocolate.
Most of them spent the rest of the day reading.
Oh, the thrill of it!

Evening came and still the family was together.
Cookies were baked, supper was eaten, and all lingered over the last few hours of the day.
Bedtime prayers were voiced in thankfulness and praise to the Creator and Bestower of all good things.
Oh, the thrill of it!

Each went to bed in his own time.
Tomorrow would come with its joyful duties and labours, but still the memories of The First Snow Day would linger long after the this snow had left and others had come to fill its place.
How good it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.
Oh, the thrill of it!

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