Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Post

It all began two years ago on the third week of June. Some friends invited us to a week-long conference hosted by their church and held at a college.

My sister and I stayed on campus, and before supper on the first day, we'd made more than a dozen friends!

Before the week was out, our entire family found we were of the same mind, and after the same heart as the other attendees.

By the next year we were members of the church which had hosted the conference, and were traveling over an hour for church and and fellowship.

This year Dad was hired by a business near our church family, my sister and I helped to set up the conference, and the Lord provided us a house near church, near job, near friends.

At this small spot in cyberspace, we plan to share our lives, loves, thoughts, and happenings. We hope to encourage, entertain, and display the tender mercies of our Lord and King to His children.

Thank you for dropping by.

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