Friday, November 21, 2008

Rice Sock Friends

May I introduce you to our very warm, very dear sock friends.


Kotik - from Rudyard Kipling's "White Seal"

Frankfurt - a Dachshund


Rice Socks have been our cherished companions for many years when we have had aches, pains, or cold hands. These friendly creatures are particularly good at soothing headaches.

We RSLs (Rice Sock Lovers), believe that no house should be without one of these fine creations. Thus, here are instructions for making your own Rice Sock.

You will need:
  • 1 White Cotton Sock (we prefer men's tube socks)
  • 4c. White Rice (the cheapest kind)
  • A Microwave (one may be able to warm Rice Socks in the oven, but I've never tried)

  1. Fill the sock with four cups rice or preferred weight/size/shape. To do this, some of us cut off a corner of the rice bag and insert inside the sock. Others use a funnel.
  2. When filled as wanted, hold by open end of sock and shake rice down. This will create a longer "neck" so as to make tying the knot at the end more easy.
  3. Tie knot at the end. The Basic Rice Sock is now made.

Now comes the fun part ~ Bring your Rice Sock to life as you please. Sew on old pieces of socks for ears, wings, flippers, and the like. Faces and features may either be embroidered with cotton thread or drawn on with a permanent marker.

Heat your rice sock for 2-4 minutes, depending on the intensity of warmth desired. It is usually best to remove your Rice Sock by the tail as its body may need to cool slightly before being held by bare hands.

Suggested Warmths for Various Uses:
  • On one's head for headache relief ~ 2 minutes
  • Use as a soothing companion ~ 2.5 minutes
  • On one's lap to warm hands at a piano, computer or while reading ~ 2-3 minutes
  • At one's feet @ night to warm a cold bed ~ 3, possibly 4 minutes

While the socks themselves may be used until unmendable, the rice should probably be changed one a month. At that time, one's Rice Sock will most likely appreciate a washing.

What will your rice sock look like?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh the Thrill of It!

Monday night it began to snow.
The temperature dropped and tiny snowflakes fell all night.
When the Careys awakened, the world was completely white.
Oh, the thrill of it!

Dad tried to drive to work.
The un-plowed, ice-covered, hairpin-curved country roads wouldn't let him.
His family had him to themselves - for the whole day.
Oh, the thrill of it!

Plans for playing in the snow were made.
Chores and school were to be completed first, and then the sledding would begin.
But the sun began to glow, the public schools were canceled, and a snow day was decided upon.
Oh, the thrill of it!

The search for the winter clothes commenced.
It seemed that these had not been stored for easy retrieval, and forty-five minutes of looking were needed to locate all that was needed.
Full winter garb was donned for the first time since having been stored in early spring.
Oh, the thrill of it!

Then the Careys marched outside.
The sleds were claimed, the fence was scaled, and the first human footprints on the cowfield's snow were made.
The quest for the perfect sledding hill was commenced.
Oh, the thrill of it!

The quest was more of a challenge than anticipated.
The field boasted hills, bumps, and rises of every sort and description, but there was always to much of one thing, or not enough of another.
Then Dad found Our Sledding Hill.
Oh, the thrill of it!

Then they began to sled.
Different combinations of Careys slid down on sleds, or fell off of sleds, and then rescaled the hill with sleds in tow.
For more than two hours the fun continued.
Oh, the thrill of it!

The time to return to the house came sooner than anticipated.
Some of the family were cold, some were tired, and others could have lived outside forever.
One last ride was organized.
Oh, the thrill of it!

The Careys left their snow pursuits.
They headed for the house and enjoyed an easy lunch, an old-time radio program on the Pilgrims, and cups of warming hot chocolate.
Most of them spent the rest of the day reading.
Oh, the thrill of it!

Evening came and still the family was together.
Cookies were baked, supper was eaten, and all lingered over the last few hours of the day.
Bedtime prayers were voiced in thankfulness and praise to the Creator and Bestower of all good things.
Oh, the thrill of it!

Each went to bed in his own time.
Tomorrow would come with its joyful duties and labours, but still the memories of The First Snow Day would linger long after the this snow had left and others had come to fill its place.
How good it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.
Oh, the thrill of it!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Window Art - By My Younger Sister

First Snow

We had our first snow recently. There were about two inches of snow on the ground, and six inches of snow on the porch! These hills were too pretty not to share - I can't wait for lots of snow. Want to come sledding?

N.B. These photos (and the footprints - must walk in snow... can't help it...) are mine. My younger sister and Dad took yesterday's photos.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Almost Settled

Here are some photos of the area around our house. I hope you feel like you're here with us.

First Post

It all began two years ago on the third week of June. Some friends invited us to a week-long conference hosted by their church and held at a college.

My sister and I stayed on campus, and before supper on the first day, we'd made more than a dozen friends!

Before the week was out, our entire family found we were of the same mind, and after the same heart as the other attendees.

By the next year we were members of the church which had hosted the conference, and were traveling over an hour for church and and fellowship.

This year Dad was hired by a business near our church family, my sister and I helped to set up the conference, and the Lord provided us a house near church, near job, near friends.

At this small spot in cyberspace, we plan to share our lives, loves, thoughts, and happenings. We hope to encourage, entertain, and display the tender mercies of our Lord and King to His children.

Thank you for dropping by.