Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What a Lot of Fun We're Having!

This Month will be our 4th Homemaker’s meeting. Our meetings were established for the purpose of teaching young ladies skills they might not have the time for otherwise. Right now they are all decorative, but useful in their own way.

Thus far we have covered:

sewing a very useful bag (led by our dear friend, Mrs. Radost).


icing roses,  (courtesy of Miss Joy)


simple embroidery on a felt pincushion – pattern from Pretty Little Pincushions  (led by Miss Lynne - me).

June’s topic will be card making. Miss Ana will be leading and guiding our class. I’ve seen some of her work before and am greatly looking forward this. J

A great many thanks to the two families we’ve been working with to establish these classes and give glory to the Lord! And HUZZAH! to the ladies who come! J

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Kiri said...

Your times together sound so delightful! Praise God for blessing you with this wonderful opportunity.

Missed seeing you all at the ball, but hope your trip was marvelous!

Love you all!