Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Keeps Peeking Around the Corner...

... smiling on us with her warm sun, gentle breezes, and promise of buds. Only to duck back with a giggle, while Winter sprays us with his snow-blower again. I'm delighting in each twist of the weather, but won't it fun when all the buds open, the flowers smile about, and every morning is full of birdsong?  

 The apartment complex next to my window (also known as a pine tree) is fully of noisy tenants. While I know there are house sparrows rooming in the pine, I'm also fairly certain there are mourning doves and chickadees. A few nests are visible - how fun when the chicks hatch! 

Last week, we had our first Homemakers Meeting. The goal is to encourage and teach young future homemakers in lovely and useful abilities. This time bags of varying difficulties were sewn. Each girl chose her own material, pattern, and embellishments. Such a hive of joyful activity! The brothers, according to Murray, had a marvelous time learning about computers and cables (they made their own Ethernet cable) by one of the fathers. I believe I can say with Joy that it was "a roaring success."  Next time, we're making icing roses - care to join?

This week, a friend should be coming over and staying a few nights.

Spring break is over, so Kate will be recommencing her physics studies.

Our German friend will be returning....Oh! she's not a war bride! Apparently, she was an older school girl during the French occupation. But she did marry an American soldier... She's delightful, has soo many stories, and we trust that we will be rewarding students.

I didn't think I'd like living in a neighborhood, but ours has opened us up to many more opportunities for fellowship and service.

How thankful we are for the Lord kind Providence and tender mercies...

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Kiri said...

Yes, I want to join you! You have always made the most adorably decorated cakes and cupcakes. Why, oh why, don't you live closer? :)

Miss you all. Give everyone my love.