Saturday, March 6, 2010

Unexpected Delight

I entered a contest - a blog naming contest at a blog I have followed for a couple of years. I've mentioned it before...

Our Quiverful is the family blog of the Estes family. This lovely family of ten home schools, has their own family business, and deeply love the Lord. Noah, their youngest boy has a mitochondrial disease and is often very sick. Mrs. Estes has often been an great encouragement as she shares what the Lord is doing in their lives, and is teaching them.
So, when she announced she was having a blog-naming contest for a blog on Biblical womanhood, I knew I wanted to enter...
& in the Lord's very kind Providence,

That was at the beginning of February, and I'm still excited! :)

On top of the joy of my blog title being chosen, there was a prize - a $50 Amazon gift certificate! I was planning on purchasing books, but Mother counseled me to think beyond books (is that possible?). Therefore, it took me a bit longer to choose and at the end of February I had decided, I ordered and in less time than expected - they arrived!

Cath Kidston stationary and a very special muffin tin...
I'm now hijacking some of your most valuable time to show you. :)

In the Lord's Providence, I'll be using these sweet roses for a wedding shower on Saturday. :)

Thank you again, Mrs. Estes. I'm very thankful for and am praying for you all... <3>

Make certain you check this link so you can read In Ruby Slippers when it's officially launched!

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Kiri said...

Oh, I love the little rose shaped muffins! They're adorable!

Congratulations on winning the prize. In Ruby Slippers is a *cute* name.

Lots of love,