Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our First Tutorial

Received a query concerning the purpose of marbles in baking a cake. :)

Ideally,to make a cake like the one below, one will use two 9-inch round cake pans and two 9-inch square pans.

You will then need either one large cake recipe or two boxed cake mixes.
Please allow me to take a moment recommend the rich cake recipe from my 1920's high school home economics textbook - Everyday Foods.

Once baked and cooled, cut both round cake pans in half. Take one square and two half-circles, assemble as above. Ice top, then next layer, assembling as the first layer.

Ice as any other cake and devour.

But, you say... What about those marbles?

Well, I will tell you. Only in ideal situations will you posses two round and two square cake pans. We posses two round and one square cake pans. Since we've only made this cake as a one layer before, it hasn't been a problem. Mia longed for a two layered heart cake so, necessity being the mother of invention, we busied ourselves with finding a solution.

The solution? Marbles. In a 9 x 13 pan. A "compartment" of aluminum foil kept them contained and out of the cake.

Just to refresh your memory...

It worked perfectly.

Hopefully, we have inspired you make your own heart-shaped cakes...

Have fun!

Note: We knew this was safe as we've baked with marbles before. Ordinary cupcakes in paper wrappers can become heart shaped if before baking a marble or two (stacked, not side by side) is positioned between the wrapper and the baking tin....

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Kiri said...

How clever of you! And may I add that Mia's new haircut is very cute?!