Thursday, January 27, 2011

This Weekend...

Isn't this a glorious view? It's from one of my bedroom windows. I thought we'd desperately miss our dear little valley, but the Lord is so very kind. Our new valley is more open and of a higher elevation. The wide valley with the rising hill calls to mind Mia's and my wonderful visit to Yellowstone and the surrounding area...

This weekend is Mia's birthday weekend. Our resident artist and Civil War costume historian, will turn 22 on Monday. As is our custom, Mia will choose the meals and activities. I'm itching to give her her presents!

Usually, our festivities commence the Friday evening of the birthday weekend. Tomorrow, however, we will be taking Grammy to the airport. She's heading to visit her NJ Italian family in honor of her last living aunt's 100th birthday. Her trip as been all arranged for her maximum comfort and safety. Your prayers would be appreciated anyway. :)

As a side note, during my "settling in" I've discarded more than a third, but not quite half of my possessions. Can a room lose weight? It feels so much lighter in here! :)

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Kiri said...

Gorgeous! We have lovely whiteness here, too. It's breathtaking!

A third of your possessions? Hopefully you still have your lovely collection of vintage homemaking books! I'm afraid my room could stand to loose a little weight, but it seems to be constantly gaining. Mostly book-weight... Which I'm trying to convince myself is healthy. :)

Early birthday wishes to Mia! May she have a wonderful and blessed day!