Monday, April 27, 2009

Likes # 10 ~ A Giggle of Girls

One late June day in 2006, Mia and I accepted an invitation to a week-long conference hosted by a church and held on a college campus. Ready for adventure (though admittedly a bit nervous), we accepted. A few weeks later we drove up, pulled in, and headed for the Registration table. After signing in, we carried our things up to the college dorm room which would be ours for the duration of the conference. After settling in (by the loving help of our family – thank you so much, Father for those fans!!!), we bid our kin adieu, and went out to see what we could see.

We knew next to no one attending, and though not the shy and timid sort, we were a bit uneasy. I think we went to a session before dinner, thoroughly enjoyed it, and found ourselves spiritually challenged, personally encouraged, and frightfully hungry. After walking to the cafeteria, we served ourselves, and choose a seat. A few minutes later, a very gracious lady seated herself across from us and began to converse. Her care and attention helped to set us at our ease. After the meal, (lunch, I think?) we left the cafeteria feeling much more confident.

And then it happened.

I can’t recall if we met the Mortons first, but with increasing rapidity, we met over a dozen young ladies. Most had attended the conference since its founding, but a few (like us) were new attendees. We palled around all week, gathering new friends, exchanging physical ( as well as e-mail) addresses. When we weren’t chatting, we were singing.

Oh, the singing! While some of our songs were simply enjoyable rounds, most of the songs we sang were from the Hymnbook or Psalter. There are few things as delightful, uplifting, and memorable as raising our voices together to the King of Kings.

That is how the Giggle of Girls began. By God’s grace, we have seen most of these young women at our conference. Every year, Mia and I anticipate their fellowship at the conference. We pray throughout the year for our fellow “Gigglers” and (as time permits) exchange e-mails. More have been added to our numbers. Some have not been able to return, but we cherish their memory and delight in the ones who’ve stayed. Others have attended our Southern Balls (and we theirs).One pair of sisters are now members of our church! As the Lord brings changes, blessings, and challenges in our lives, we anticipate with joy our fellowship and friendship both now and hereafter.

How good it is to know other like-minded young ladies!

The Morton’s old blog has some marvelous pictures of past conferences, and the Giggle of Girls. I am (again) unabashedly posting pictures from their blog.

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Kiri said...

Conference looks like so much fun! We'll have to look into it this year! Would you email me the link to the website, please?

We loved having you this weekend and wish you could have stayed longer!