Thursday, March 26, 2009

Likes # 9 ~ The Mortons, Past and Present

These are the Three Morton Maidens who captured our hearts at a conference several summers ago. Constrained by distance, we kept in touch through e-mail, our yearly conference, and the Morton Household Blog (a marvelous site, full of delightful photography, fun descriptions, and joy in the Christian Life). We would visit at each year at conference and the summers were good.

One tends to anticipate a good thing lasting forever, but all things must change, usually for the betterment of something or someone...

First, Meg began to court, and wasn't certain if she'd be able to come to conferences after marriage because of distance (much better for her, the loss was for us).

Then, when the Mortons couldn't come to the next conference, as Meg had married and was waiting for JuneBug to arrive, we missed our dear sisters, but were overjoyed for them all.

Now, with their moving, Kate now courting (how fantastic!), and the conference several months away, we don't know when we'll next see our dear friends...

But, the Lord has blessed us with visits at unexpected times.In fact, we've seen them more in the past 6 months, than we have since we first met! Such tender mercies.

'Til we meet again!


The Mortons now have new blog - Morton Household Blog II.

Meg's family has a blog - Family Happenings.

Kate, when you've your own family, please make a blog!

P.S. All photos are unabashedly copied off of both the Morton Household blogs. For more delightful offerings, please visit their blogs!

1 comment:

Morton Family said...

Hello Dearest Friends!!!!
What a kind post! The Morton Maidens are so blessed to know you and your family! We always have so much fun visiting, chatting and singing with you all!!!! Are you all planning to attend the ball on April 25?

Kate for all the Morton Maidens :) :)