Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Likes #5 ~ The Kincells

The Kincell Family contains five of our favorite people. Kiri, Keely, and Kelsie are very dear friends of Mia, Kate, and myself, while Mother and Father relish the company of Mr. and Mrs. Kincell. We have known them for many, many years, mostly interacting in the homeschool arena (and they don't generally look like this).

The Kincells are a blogging family and have a well-written and enjoyable blog named The Kincell Family Blog which they have been writing since Jamestown’s Quadricentenial.

Last August, Mia, Kate, and I traveled to their house to spend a week of laughter, discussion, and historical exploration. The Kincells live in a history-rich area, and we vistors reveled in visiting as many sites as we could.

First, we visited Fort Necessity, Braddock's grave, and spots along The National Road. The next day we studied Arthurdale. I believe it was the first American Federal Government funded utopia. Friday found us at Friendship Hill, and Albert Gallatin's House. On our last day of historical exploration, we visited the Kincell Family favorite - Prickett's Fort. Oh, we had such fun! And... We hope to return the favor. Our area is stuffed with history, which we long to learn and share (we also want to sew and stitch together).


Kim said...

What a coincidence! You guys are one of our favorite families, too;-) ...except that you don't look nearly so silly in your photographs!

Anonymous said...

Hey...what's that white stuff covering everything? We don't get that where I live (anymore).

Kiri said...

We actually look like that quite often. We just hide it well... :D

We love you all as well and miss you! I can't wait 'til we see you in April! Or will you be at HS Day at the Capitol? Maybe we'll see you then!